When you have your tattoo appointment, you need to have a few things in mind:

The night before you get the tattoo, do not drink much alcohol, as it thins your blood and you’ll be bleeding more whilst being tattooed. This also effects how well the tattoo artist can see what they’re doing, and the stencil could be rubbed off in the process of wiping up the blood. You new tattoo may also have a harder time healing up, plus, it’s unnecessary. Aspirin also thins your blood, so be sure not to consume any beforehand.

Certain drugs will affect you in different ways. Please ask your doctor before taking any type of pain medication before getting a tattoo. If you have any health risks, please discuss these with your doctor also. If you are pregnant, you cannot be tattooed. Illegal drugs such as pot are discouraged.

Use Bepenthan cream, Preperation- H, Tattoo Goo or if you have some from your last tattoo you may use that, but keep it to yourself and clean and make sure its still in date. Never share topical ointments like these with anyone, as it is possible to transmit germs and (although rare) diseases.

You should eat normally before you go and not be dehydrated. Most tattoo artists go by the hour, so you are being charged for every bathroom or cigarette break you take. You should have something like energy drink or sugary juice drink during and after you get tattooed, just as they give you when you give blood.

If you are sick, and your immune system is fighting something, you need to be extra careful on keeping the infection away from your tattoo. It might be wise to postpone the tattoo if you’re in bad shape.

Plan on being uncomfortable for a few days. Be realistic. Do not get a foot tattoo; IE,  if you standing a lot on your feet all day / night. Plan for a few days of healing before you do anything that might jeopardize the tattoo. You cannot go swimming or soak the tattoo for two weeks afterwards. No sunbathing or tanning.

Wear clothes that won’t matter if they get ink or blood on them, make sure they are light and won’t rub on your new tattoo.

Bring cash (paypal accepted, payment must be cleared and confirmed prior.) and plan to have more than you need, just in case. If you do have a credit card, you might want to tip, in cash. You should have found out how much ahead of time you need to bring, or at least an estimate. Do not be caught off guard spending more than you thought.

Do not bring anyone that gets bored easily, or children, as you might be there for a while. Cameras are often allowed and are sometimes really fun to document with.

Other than that, relax and enjoy your experience!